Crystal mālā

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Crystal mālā

A szemek mérete kb 8 mm
hossza bojttal együtt: kb 50 cm

Quartz is the king of every healing stones; it enhances the effect of all the other stones. It has an equilibrating, soothing effect on the soul. It acts on mental fatigue; it cleanses the aura, it is restorative and protective. Quartz enhances expressiveness, balances disharmony in the soul, activates your higher consciousness. It helps in creating connection with your higher self, so it is very useful for meditation. It helps with your spiritual development and in expanding your spiritual boundaries. It improves intuition and telepathic abilities. It can be used for cleansing the atmosphere of the space, reducing harmful ambient radiance and healing the wounds of the soul. Quartz can be used for physical healing on such a wide spectrum that this page is not suitable to list everything, so I mention only a few of them. Quartz influences every area with its healing, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It can be used on the eyes, skin, joints, back, bowels and digestive system. It is recommended for cancer, because it transforms negative vibration into positive. If you find your personal crystal or the healing stone for one area of your life, its effect may be multiplied by using quartz.
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