Lapis lazuli mālā

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Lapis lazuli mālā

a szemek mérete 6 mm

Lapis brings forth attention and calmness at the same time in order to discover your inner needs and take them seriously. It helps you in taking a stand for your truth, supporting your self-confidence. Connecting to the third-eye chakra, suppressed feelings become conscious, making way for your intuition. Even timid people become more open, get closer to the surrounding world and create connection with it more easily. Pyrite in the stone helps in better organizing your daily life; you can perform everyday tasks effortlessly with its help. If you put a piece of lazurite below your pillow, you will get up in the morning refreshed and rested. Lazurite helps in solving problems and accepting fate, giving a more balanced, happier life as a gift.
Use lazurite in case of hair problems, it is especially effective in hair loss. It regulates the function of glands in the body, offering useful help in case of their diseases. Lazurite is recommended to be used in case of throat problems, frequent colds, sore throat, hoarseness. It improves hearing. It has a beneficial effect on skin rashes, including hives and is also very effective against herpes. It decreases high blood pressure and regulates heartbeat. Soothes headache and generally a useful anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agent.
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