Turquoise-sandalwood mālā

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Turquoise-sandalwood mālā
Gyöngyök mérete

Itt kiválaszthatod, hogy milyen mértű gyöngyökből fűzött mālāt szeretnél. 

Size of beads: 6mm
Total lenght: 45 cm
Number of beads: 108+1

balance - communication
Sandalwood: it is the wood of tranquillity and balanced life.
According to observations, it calms nervousness and restlessness, purifies your thoughts from malice, anger resulting from emotions and fiery feelings. It gives the experience of reconciliation. It strengthens spiritual power, intelligence and invigorates imagination, so it is a great help in meditation practices.

This mineral is a powerful protector of its wearer. In old days it was said to protect its wearer from accidents, especially from falling down.
Turquoise is used for sore throat and pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs), bronchitis and heart problems because of its high copper content. In case of speech disorders it stimulates clear and concrete expression of thoughts and emotions. Its vibration opens throat chakra, so turquoise can be used for improving speech disorders (e.g. stammering) but it also helps in finding the right words at the right time. Excessive sweat caused by emotional problems and crises, cramps, insatiable appetite, bulimia can be controlled with turquoise. Its effect is very diverse but primarily it acts on the throat area and the air passages. It can be used in case of cough and bronchitis, sore throat, whooping cough, pseudocroup, every kind of lung diseases, pneumonia, swallowing difficulties, cold and even in the need of regulating the function of the thyroid gland.
Turquoise is a very powerful stone that helps in reasoning and expressing opinion. It gives greater self-confidence and makes depressed and withdrawn people active. Reserved people should definitely wear a turquoise stone or a turquoise necklace in order to activate self-assurance. It gives the wisdom of the sky, water and earth and according to tradition its vibration creates a force field around your body that protects you from evil powers. Its colour stimulates the clarity of emotions, thoughts and actions. It is able to discard or take up your negative feelings and impressions even before these would become conscious. If your mood becomes highly fluctuating, hold this stone in your hand for 15-20 minutes and it helps in ceasing stress and fear, it may even bring you out of depression.
Gyöngyök mérete

Itt kiválaszthatod, hogy milyen mértű gyöngyökből fűzött mālāt szeretnél. 

8 mm gyöngyökből készült mālā
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