Rosequartz-sodalite mālā

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Rosequartz-sodalite mālā
Rosequartz-sodalite mālā
Rosequartz-sodalite mālā
Rosequartz-sodalite mālā
Size of beads: 8mm
Total lenght: 60cm
108 beads mālā

courage - love - protection
Rose quartz:
Rose quartz helps in resolving emotional blockages through the heart chakra. It opens inner doors in order for you to embrace miracles in the form of love. Resolving emotional blocks helps in emotional and sensual fulfilment of love. Freeing emotional obstacles incorporates fertility, so this mineral may be useful in case of infertility as well. Rose quartz has proven its positive effects in other areas. As it helps in finding beauty and love in life, this stone may also be useful for restoring emotional balance and finding creative thoughts. Use it during meditation to conquer anger and fulfil love.
As the stone of the heart chakra this pink coloured specialty may be a salve on its wearer’s physical problems; it can be used for skin problems, asthma, allergies and anaemia. Rose quartz protects and strengthens the heart and harmonizes heart rhythm.

Sodalite is the mineral of the heroes—if you need bravery in order to stand up for your convictions you should bring sodalite with you. Bring it with you if you know that you would confront somebody and want to fight for your truth. In general it helps in expressing ourselves both orally and in writing as sodalite opens throat chakra. Through the third eye chakra it helps in accessing your intuition. This mineral may take part in the development of your objectivity, primarily by helping in seeing yourself unattached and judging yourself more objectively and less critically. It is also suitable for strengthening social relationships.
It may be used for improving eyesight, treating inflammations of the eyes and retina problems. It regulates blood pressure, affects the pancreas and helps in treating blood sugar problems. Every kind of gland illnesses may be treated with it, including the problems of the thyroid gland, pancreas and lymphatic system. It has a positive effect on the neck area and may be used for the illnesses of the throat. It strengthens the immune system.
It was said in olden days that sodalite enhances artistic aptitude and those concerned always carried a piece of it. This assumption was hold until the Middle Ages and then the stone was forgotten. It was discovered again in the 19th century and was used as a healing stone and jewellery.
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